SendStore provides an easy to use and inexpensive off-site file storage service for small business. With SendStore, simply send and forget.

An ideal solution for statutory records with low retrieval expectations such as real estate, property management, child care, medical research and small aged care facilities.


You send it and we'll store it:
  1. Purchase SendStore storage boxes and pack them with your files.
  2. Login and register your box and files via your SendStore account.
  3. Post the box(es) back to SendStore for secure storage; reply post is paid.

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Retrieve files online, in only 4 hours

Login to your SendStore account to search, find and - with SendStore's Scan on Demand service - retrieve your files from anywhere in the world, online, within only 4 hours.

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Its simple!

  • All services are pre-paid.
  • Purchase storage boxes with your choice of storage term.
  • The destruction of the records is pre-authorised and will take place when the retention period has expired. Extend the storage term if required.
  • And... SendStore provide a free database to index the contents of your archive.

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Boxes are available in packs of 5 to suit the storage needs for the bulk files in your business. The once only cost includes everything from the postage to the destruction at the end of the term.

5 years

Accounting records including debtors, creditors and BAS reporting.

7 years

Contracts and sales documents, payroll records, property maintenance, property sales, community care records, legal offices, accommodation bonds.

10 years

Patient records for hospitals, aged care.

15 years

Specialist medical, palliative care and clinical trials.

20 years

For child and school records to be retained DOB + 25.

Prices are listed in Australian dollars.

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Order storage

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Boxes & storage are sold in packs of 5 boxes. Please enter the quantity of 5 box packs you require and the applicable storage term.


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